Statement regarding COVID-19

Electoral Services International Inc. (ESI) is working safely and remotely (where required) during these difficult times we are all facing.

ESI is still developing, manufacturing and shipping electoral materials to our clients. ESI also continues to provide remote support to our customers. ESI’s customer service and sales teams are ready to provide assistance via video conference, telephone and/or via e-mail. Thank you for your understanding. Please stay safe!


“The New Gambia” Votes

07 December 2021 By Aponia in The Gambia

Mission Accomplished

24 September 2021 By Aponia in The Gambia

Voter Registration Underway!

16 June 2021 By Aponia in The Gambia

Gambian Threepeat

15 April 2021 By Aponia in The Gambia

Turks and Caicos 2021

22 February 2021 By Aponia in Turks and Caicos


M. Saneem

Supervisor of Elections, The Fijian Elections Office, 2016
The conduct of the 2014 General Election received worldwide and nationwide accolades. We attribute this positive feedback to a dedicated set of suppliers and Electoral Services International is certainly one of them.
Over the years, we have purchased ballot paper and ballot boxes among other supplies. ABEC has valued the high level of professionalism and commitment ESI has brought into the electoral procurement arena and looks forward to continuing this cooperative effort in the near future.

L. Simon

Supervisor of Elections, The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission, 2013

Caribbean Supervisor of Elections

The Electoral Office acknowledges your expression and is grateful in receiving it. It was an honor being a valued customer and we look forward in continuing the partnership. Thanks for also showing concerns for our safety. The Electoral Office wishes the ESI management and staff every success and good health as they confirm to serve in this challenging environment.
Some of our clients


Voter registration is a requirement in many emerging democracies whereby a resident/citizen must register with a central registry for the purpose of being allowed to vote. Biometrics refers to the quantifiable data (metrics) related to human characteristics and traits. BVR was formerly called EVR (Electronic Voter Registration). ESI generally uses a multi-biometric approach (more than one biometric identifier).

BVR reduces voter fraud. Everybody appears on the voters list once. One person, one vote. BVR creates and enhances electoral process credibility restoring confidence in the democratic system. This cannot be understated in emerging democracies. BVR increases voter turnout (which is very important in countries where voting is not mandatory).

ESI’s people will assist with the budget and the timeline (time and money), will facilitate fast and secure data collection and transfers (sensitive national data), allow for instantaneous printing of ID cards (onsite), match,
adjudicate and deliver an accurate voters roll (list). Training and support will be given every step of the way.

Republic of Fiji

In 2012, in preparation for Fiji’s 2014 Election, ESI assisted the FEO in registering all eligible voters in the country. To this day, ESI continues to assist the FEO onsite and offsite with their BVR needs.

Republic of The Gambia

ESI was selected three times to assist the IEC in biometrically registering all eligible voters in The Gambia in 2011, 2016 and in 2021.

Solomon Islands

ESI spent parts of 2013 & 2014 in Solomon Islands assisting the SIEC in registering all of their eligible voters ahead of their 2014 Election. ESI assisted the SIEC once again prior to their 2019 Election

Republic of Kenya

For ESI’s first BVR project in 2010, together with the IEBC, we successfully registered more than 1,500,000 eligible Kenyans in 1,600 registration centres in 18 of Kenya’s 210 voting constituencies.


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