Ballot Boxes

Very few companies can rival ESI’s knowledge of the ballot box

Electoral Services International Inc. (ESI) has been designing and customizing ballot boxes for as far back as the early nineties. Long before the popularity of the new “tub” designs, we were designing and producing a wide variety of boxes in then preferred materials of wood and metal! Over the years, ESI has contributed to the development and evolution of ballot boxes and many of our innovations are seen in ballot boxes currently in use around the world.

  • Strong, durable and interchangeable lids that fit on all three sizes of the ballot box
  • Designed to meet election requirements
  • Two handles for easy carrying
  • Custom printing and numbering available
  • Tamper-proof, locking ballot slot and interior ridges prevent penetration or tampering with ballots when sealed
  • 5 security seals secure the box with lid and slot cover
  • SIZE45L, 60L and 83L
  • COLOURTransparent, translucent or solid opaque colour
  • ISO2248 and 12048
  • SECURITYTamper-proof with space for 5 security seals