The ESI system is an integrated solution comprised of the hardware, software, supplies and people that enable clients to successfully execute nationwide voter registration programs by electronically refreshing the voter registry and incorporating multi-biometrics.

The system incorporates a field based registration unit, central data consolidation and processing, renewable energy supply where needed, thorough training, and complete support. It streamlines data collection and card issuance, creates a national database of verified voter data, and includes a wide range of tools to manage and maintain it. It is fully customized to the specific needs of a client, and is designed to integrate into existing processes and procedures.

BVR Matching & Adjudication

Immediately following voter registration, matching is conducted to identify duplicates based on the biometric markers/identifiers from the data gathered in the field during the registration process. Controlled adjudication then takes place.

BVR Experience

ESI has successfully completed multiple biometric voter registration projects. We delivered accurate voter lists in Kenya (2010), The Gambia (2011 & 2015/2016), Fiji (2012) and Solomon Islands (2013/2014). Letters of recommendation are available from all of them.

BVR Training

There will be questions. We have the answers. ESI’s strong staff members give us the competitive training advantage. ESI’s onsite training is customized based on client needs and it is accompanied by full documentation.

BVR Support

Electoral Services International will provide support before, during and after the biometric voter registration process. This includes onsite in-the- field, offsite out-of- country, software customization, and hardware support. No other company provides BVR support like ESI.


Electoral Services International Inc.'s. (ESI) Biometric Voter Registration Solution (BVR) is an efficient, accurate, cost-effective and proven solution for registering voters, issuing ID cards, and preparing clean voter lists. ESI Inc. delivers cost effective, sustainable technology solutions with the tools and support to produce an up-to-date and accurate voter registry.

ESI Inc.’s BVR is a secure solution, which can be sustained internally to update and manage the voter registry. ESI Inc.'s digital voter registration combines proven commercial off-the shelf (COTS) hardware with an easy-to-use software interface and a central multi-biometric matching server, to collect and clean voter registration information.

Each BVR deployment is customized to ensure it takes into account the processes and procedures established by the client. Thorough needs analysis and requirements gathering at the outset of a project ensure the results are in keeping with client expectations. The BVR includes dedicated support at all stages. From design of the user interface through to compilation of the final voter’s list, expert personnel from ESI Inc. and its partners will be dedicated to the successful completion of your project.

The ESI Inc. Electronic Biometric Voter Registration Solution allows you to:

  • Register voters “in the field”
  • Issue different types of voter ID cards (Laminated paper, or high-quality PVC) in the field or from headquarters
  • Store data in a reliable and secure manner
  • Search for duplicates based on multi-biometrics
  • Manage the database and produce reports, including the final voter registry

With BVR, everybody appears on the voters list once. One person, one vote. BVR creates and enhances electoral process credibility restoring confidence in the democratic system. This cannot be understated in emerging democracies. BVR increases voter turnout (which is very important in countries where voting is not mandatory).

ESI’s onsite training is customized based on client needs and it is accompanied by full documentation. ESI has various voter registration manuals depending on the role of the field staff member. Our field training instructors are professional individuals from various backgrounds including business, information technology (IT), mathematics, economics, marketing, customs brokerage and logistics.

ESI training is generally split up into two types of instruction: theory and hands-on. Theory instruction is typically lecture-style introductory lesson teaching for larger groups. Hands-on training takes place after the theoretical lessons are conducted. Generally the groupings are smaller. Hands-on training allows the field staff the opportunity to use ESI’s BVR kits and to perform all of the voter registration roles. The ultimate goal is field preparedness.

Electoral Services International will provide support before, during and after the biometric voter registration process. This includes onsite in-the-field and offsite out-of-country. When it comes to ESI’s software, we will adapt, customize, fix and debug. When it comes to hardware, ESI will assist with deployment, repairs, replacements, the spare pool of kits and spare parts. No other company provides BVR support like ESI.

There will be questions. We have the answers. There will be problems. We provide the solutions. ESI’s strong staff members give us the competitive training advantage.

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Kenya, Biometric Voter Registration

  • Project description

    As a pilot test program for Kenya’s 2012 Presidential Election, ESI successfully registered 1.5 million Kenyans in 1600 registration sites in 18 of Kenya’s 210 voting constituencies. Completed in time for a 2010 Kenyan referendum, participants were able to use their new voter cards for the first time to vote in the referendum.

    Kenya chose fingerprint and facial biometrics for voter identification. The IEBC elected to do multi-biometric matching.

    Together, the IEBC and ESI delivered a clean voters list.

The Gambia, Biometric Voter Registration

  • Project description

    Following Kenya’s success, The Gambian IEC chose ESI to partner with for their inaugural BVR exercise in 2011. 1 million voters were successfully registered using facial and fingerprint biometrics. The process was conducted in over 600 voter registration sites by over 200 teams across the country.

    Unlike all of ESI’s other BVR clients, the IEC chose a credit card-like PVC voter card as opposed to the printed security-laden cold-laminated card. Despite The Gambian dry season’s dusty and windy conditions, the project was hailed as a great success.

    In 2015, the IEC and ESI joined forces once again to biometrically register voters who had become eligible to vote since the 1st BVR project. There is no greater reward or recommendation for a job well done than a partner who rejoins us a 2nd time.

Fiji, Biometric Voter Registration

  • Project description

    ESI’s maiden BVR voyage to the South Pacific took place in 2012. ESI won a highly competitive tender bid to provide the Fijian Elections Office with their multi-biometric voter registration solution.

    Over a half-million voters were registered (a number that has grown since that time) well in advance of Fiji’s 2014 General Election. FEO chose fingerprint and facial biometrics, offsite matching and local adjudication. A reliable voters list was delivered.

    Following the success of their 2014 election, Fiji was welcomed back into the Commonwealth. ESI is proud to have been involved in such a monumental accomplishment. FEO and ESI continue to perfect the BVR process in advance of their 2018 General Elections.

Solomon Islands, Biometric Voter Registration

  • Project description

    ESI’s 2nd BVR project in the South Pacific took place in Solomon Islands. After a needs assessment and various necessary preparations in 2013, ESI and the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission successfully completed a BVR exercise in 2014.

    Despite natural disasters and logistical challenges, the SIEC and ESI partnered to register over a quarter-million voters. Multi-biometric (fingerprint & facial) registration, offsite matching and onsite adjudication were all successfully chosen. An accurate voters list was delivered.

    In addition to voter registration, ESI has delivered various supplies to Solomon Islands including (but not limited to) tamper evident envelopes and generators. ESI and the SIEC maintain a strong relationship that transcends business.


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